Saturday, August 18, 2007

We need it all!

The Vancouver Province gets it:
One of the main problems about the current debate over Lower Mainland transportation is that it always divides itself along ideological lines and is invariably presented as an either/or proposition: Either you build more public transit or you build more roads.

But the fact is that we need both, and then some.

We need both more roads, for use by the vast majority of commuters, and more bus routes, light-rail lines, walkways, bicycle paths and other transportation infrastructure.

That's because, mercifully, we live in a fast-growing region with an expanding economy and a population that likes to get around.

Eco-activists will no doubt say this is a bad thing. But consider the alternative -- a region with a shrinking economy and a dwindling population. That would clearly be far worse.

As readers of Brian Lewis's column will know, a new group has been formed to press for passenger rail service in the Fraser

Valley. Founded by SFU graduate student John Buker, Rail for the Valley states on its website that our governing politicians "want to spend billions of dollars on highways, but they continue to neglect basic rail transportation needs south of the Fraser River."

As we said, though, this is not an either/or proposition. The Fraser Valley needs an expanded Port Mann Bridge, better roads and more truck and bus routes.

And it needs passenger rail.

Above all, it requires a decently-funded, comprehensive travel system that offers people as many transportation alternatives as possible.

We need both roads and transit because we are horribly underserved in both. This is the crux of Get Moving BC's message.


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