Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Getting desperate

So the Against Port Expansion people are trying to get a rally together for this weekend, and have sent around the following e-mail.

Anyway, the email shows the mindset of the anti-Gateway folks. Judge for yourself:
If you could please put out the word that we could use some help to bump up our numbers for the day. The Port Event is from 10:00 - 4:00. If individuals could join us for a couple of hours during that time frame. (Our group is quite small to begin with, and Summer with it's attendant holidays etcetera is taking it's toll on our size.) The core group has been nothing short of amazing to date. This will not be a funereal display but more of a "come as you are" type of thing. We need bodies to be present. Remind everyone that the Port is the "head of the snake" from which emanates so much of the ensuing devastation and destruction. Volunteers can contact me. The exact location will be announced in a day or two. Somewhere on the route into the Port. (Looking for "prime real estate") Glad you like the Porta Potty designation. Goes well with "excremental" benefits from the port, don't you think? A couple of other little numbers we've come up with:

"Truck you Falcon", "Gate Rape" (These are currently in use on signs)

What do you think of the idea of citing Kevin with a "Contempt of Life" charge? Could be signed by members of the all the groups. We've certainly got a wealth of "evidence". You know, Whereas ... etc. that sort of thing. Perhaps with a big media splash for the "citation" presentation, to be Tried in the Court of Public Opinion, representing the people of British Columbia etc.

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on ..."


Inflammatory and frightening language to say the least. I mean, "Gate rape?" That's the slogan you want to go with?

And the "Court of Public Opinion" has already spoken and support the Gateway Project. And they certainly support the economic growth and diversity that comes with expanding our Asian trade cycle.


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